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This page provides links to articles and associations that will provide additional information on the topics that our firm addresses.

GrassRoots Recycling Network

Global Recycling Council of the California Resource Recovery Association

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Yahoo Groups

Zero Waste Bonds - This group was organized to explore the potential for funding of statewide bond issues in California in 2006 with a Zero Waste fee levied on all wastes disposed of in the state or transported for disposal out of the state, with a credit for all local fees charged already. I proposed that the fee be $20-40/ton. The Global Recycling Council of CRRA suggested that a public process be initiated to determine the correct level of the fee. Both proposals suggest that the fee revenues be split with half of the revenue used to cover the local government match for proposed state bond issues and half of the revenues used to adopt and implement local Zero Waste plans, policies, and programs.
Zero Waste Communities -
This group will help communities working to adopt and implement Zero Waste as a goal by sharing information and resources. This group has been organized by the Zero Waste Communities Work Group of the GrassRoots Recycling Network (

This group adheres to the definition of Zero Waste adopted by the Zero Waste International Alliance (
Recycling Jobs -
This is an "announcement only" list for job postings in the recycling industry. Recycling professionals interested in learning of other job opportunities can subscribe confidentially. There is never a charge for candidates for this service.
Sustainable Business -
The California Sustainable Business Council (CSBC) is an evolving statewide coalition of organizations working to promote and develop sustainable businesses. Its goals are:

(1) To foster better communication between sustainable business organizations;

(2) To maintain a databank of information about local activities, programs and practices of sustainable business organizations;

(3) To sponsor sustainable business projects that require a statewide focus.

This Yahoo group is currently open only by invitation to facilitate members of the California Sustainable Business Council to communicate with one another.  If you would like to join the CSBC, fill out form at:
CRRA Members -
The California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization dedicated to promoting waste reduction, reuse, recycling, pollution prevention, and composting. The CRRA works to expand markets for recycled materials, promotes sustainable materials policies and is a clearinghouse for information, innovation, and industry and governmental initiatives. CRRA newsletters, workshops and conferences provide up-to-the-minute information on issues that shape the recycling and composting fields. CRRA is the premier organization for linking like-minded individuals from every facet of the industry. Non-profits, waste haulers, recyclers, state, federal and local government, recycled product manufacturers and many others come together under the CRRA umbrella. We invite you to join us.
This listserv is open to CRRA members for the purpose of discussing recycling, reuse, composting, solid waste and sustainable living issues.

For more information about CRRA, its programs and services, and/or to join, please go to

Plastic Debris: Rivers to Sea -

This network is an information exchange and dialogue seeking an understanding of and solutions to the problems associated with plastic and trash in the marine environment.

Zero Waste Resources

The website of the GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN), Oakland, CA, highlights Zero Waste programs, policies and examples of success stories:

The GRRN has held two national Zero Waste conferences. The program for this conference has some of the presentations available for downloading at:

The GRRN Website for Local Government actions, provide five fact sheets that detail cutting edge solutions to urgent waste problems and offer model local government resolutions for communities wanting to take action:

GRRN helped to set up a Zero Waste Communities discussion group nationally at

The GRRN website on Zero Waste Businesses highlights businesses around the country that have diverted more than 90% of their wastes from landfilling:

GRRN's Zero Waste Business principles site highlights waste diversion goals for businesses to achieve:

Zero Waste International Alliance (including definition of "Zero Waste"),

The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) has a new zero waste website that provides a window into many other websites on the excellent CIWMB website for Best Management Practices for all types of recyclable materials:

The CIWMB also has some excellent Case Studies of Model Local Government Recycling Programs and Policies at:, including

  • Resource Recovery Parks
  • Organics Recycling
  • C&D Policies
  • Business Recycling Policies and Programs
  • Incentives for Maximizing Waste Diversion

The CIWMB reference library includes materials that have been submitted to CIWMB by local jurisdictions, including such documents as regional agency agreements, joint powers agreements, memoranda of understanding, solid waste ordinances, public education materials, and petitions for reduction in diversion mandates:

EPA site on Eco-Industrial Parks and Resource Recovery Parks:

EPA Website on Resource Management which seeks to align waste contractor incentives with community or business goals to foster cost-effective resource efficiency through prevention, recycling, and recovery:

Website of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), highlighting their publication, "Cutting the Waste Stream in Half: Community Record-Setters Show How" providing detailed costs and descriptions of communities that diverted more than 50% of their waste from landfill:

ILSR also has other excellent related publications on their website, at

A White Paper was prepared for the International Dialog on Proper Discard Management organized by the CRRA Global Recycling Council, August 26-27, 2004. This White Paper highlights key issues and opportunities for communities seeking to conserve wastes as resources:

In addition, presentations by many of the speakers at the GRC International Dialog are now posted at: GRC also has posted a variety of articles and publications on Zero Waste at:

The Computer TakeBack Campaign works to protect the health and well being of electronics users, workers, and the communities where electronics are produced and discarded by requiring consumer electronics manufacturers and brand owners to take full responsibility for the life cycle of their products, through effective public policy requirements or enforceable agreements:

Clean Production Action works with groups around the world to develop and build technical support for policies and strategies that promote the use of products that are safer and cleaner across their life cycle for consumers, workers and communities:

The U.S. Green Building Council is the nations foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work:

Zero Waste New Zealand . Included on this website is an excellent manual on Zero Waste Community Planning at: serve a worldwide movement of local governments to achieve tangible improvements in global sustainability with special focus on environmental conditions through cumulative local actions.

ICLEI offers Local Authorities an online self-assessment tool for local sustainable development processes. You can use this tool free of charge to evaluate processes and progress towards sustainable development from a local authority perspective:

The National Recycling Coalition conducted a groundbreaking study of the nation's recycling and reuse industry, called the National Recycling Economic Information Project. This website the number of jobs created and the value of the recycling and reuse industry, and provides tools for NRC members to apply this information to promote recycling efforts in your area:

L.A. SHARES, which operates the Materials For The Arts Program, is a non-profit materials reuse program that takes donations of reusable goods and materials (both new and used) from the local business community and redistributes these items FREE-OF-CHARGE to non-profits and schools throughout Los Angeles County:

The Center for a Competitive Waste Industry champions efforts to restore and maintain competition in the solid waste industry:

City of San Francisco Zero Waste Goal Resolutions: and

Zero Waste Alliance, Portland, OR:

We will be updating these links periodically so be sure to check back.

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