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This page provides links to articles and reports written with the help of Gary Liss & Associates.
Austin Adopted ZW Plan:

Austin Adopted Resource Recovery Master Plan:

Austin ZW Planning:

Oceanside Adopted ZW Plan:

Oakland, CA Zero Waste Strategic Plan:
Palo Alto Zero Waste Operations Plan:

Telluride, CO Zero Waste Plan:

Staff Report and Executive Summary of Glendale Zero Waste
Plan and Zero Waste & EPR Resolutions, December 2011:

Big Island of Hawai'i Zero Waste Plan:

Nelson, BC Zero Waste Action Plan:

Zero Waste Communities Strategy:

Del Norte Zero Waste Plan:

Resource Recovery Parks - A Model for Local Government Recycling and Waste Reduction:

Zero Waste Businesses:

Zero Waste Business Principles:

Local Government Incentives for Zero Waste:

Case Studies of Model Local Government Recycling Programs and Policies prepared for the CA Integrated Waste Management Board at:, including
- Resource Recovery Parks
- Organics Recycling
- C&D Policies
- Business Recycling Policies and Programs
- Incentives for Maximizing Waste Diversion

What is Zero Waste (1997):

Letter to Governor Requesting Zero Waste Challenge in State-of-the-State (Nov. 2006)

"Jerry Brown urges 'zero waste', The Monterey County Herald, June 4, 1997

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