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This page provides links to Zero Waste resources for developing Zero Waste Community Plans, promoting Zero Waste Businesses and implementing Zero Waste Services.

Oakland, CA Zero Waste Strategic Plan:

Palo Alto Zero Waste Strategic Plan
Los Angeles Zero Waste Plan website:
Telluride, CO Zero Waste Plan:
Burbank, CA Zero Waste Plan:

City of San Jose, CA Zero Waste Plan:
Central Vermont Waste Management District Zero Waste Plan:
Nelson, BC Zero Waste Action Plan:

Zero Waste Communities Strategy:

Urban Envt. Accords  (includes Zero Waste by 2040 as one of the Accords):

ZWIA List of Zero Waste  Communities:

Del Norte Zero Waste Plan:

Australia: Canberra's No Waste by 2010 Strategy Report (1996) 1st ZW Community Plan in world

Irvine, CA Zero Waste website:

Resource Recovery Parks - A Model for Local Government Recycling and Waste Reduction:

Zero Waste Businesses:

Zero Waste Business Principles:

Zero Waste business conferences:

Local Government Incentives for Zero Waste:

What is Zero Waste (1997):

Letter to Governor Requesting Zero Waste Challenge in State-of-the-State (Nov. 2006)

Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives:

ZERI in U.S. discussion group:



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